Student Fundraising Tea Towels

Tea towels are a lasting and practical souvenir that every household can make use of, whether it be to dry dishes or to feature as artwork on a wall. We have an in-house design wizz who can work together with you to help make your vision possible.

There are many creative and fun ideas for fundraising tea towels for a school including;

  • A Picture of the school buildings
  • To commemorate a milestone year of the school
  • A Local landmark
  • Changing of seasons
  • A poem or staff recipe – perhaps a best seller from the canteen
  • Celebrating a staff milestone
  • Student drawings/paintings
  • School song lyrics with student art

Our Process

1. Collate a list of student names allocating a unique number to each.

2. Using A4 paper, cut into 4 equal pieces giving one to each student. On the reverse side of this paper, write the students name along with unique number and class ID in greylead pencil.

3. Students can then create individual artworks. The more colourful the better! Remember to advise the students if they are to include their handwritten name. This will ensure a consistent style across the whole design.

4. Please collate drawings in numerical or alphabetical order. Post the students artworks along with your contact details to us at: 4 Marland Road, Boronia, VIC 3155

We will prepare the layout ready for printing and email you a PDF for approval. This is your chance to let us know your feedback for alterations or to go ahead with your order. Allow approximately 7 days from when we have received your mail.

Once the artwork is approved, you will be issued with a design ID. Go to our online resource here where you will be able to place your order using your design ID. From ordering, please allow 14 days for delivery.

Price Breakdown

Profit is based on suggested selling price of $25

Free standard shipping within Australia Minimum order of 25 pieces per class

Colour Options & Sizing

Tea Towel Fabric Colour Options:

  • Beige (linen look) 
  • White

Tea Towel Size:


Digital Printing

Full colour digital print reproduction so no limitations on how many colours you can use! Digital Print Size: 40.6×53.3cm (16x21in)

Our Packaging - Belly Bands

Belly bands are $1 each. Just let us know your artwork title and what text you would like featured on the back.

Eco Star+ 100% Recycled Uncoated Is a bright white uncoated paper with outstanding environmental credentials. Made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste, Eco Star+ is paper made Carbon Neutral and is designed to offer the printability, brightness and durability of white virgin fibre papers. Made in Austria.

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