Production Tips – Base Colour Difference – White vs Beige

Having trouble deciding which colour base fabric to choose for your artwork printing? With each artwork being unique, it can be challenging to make the right choice…
White fabric offers a wonderful modern feel, while the beige (linen look) fabric has a more rustic charm.
If your art is bursting with vibrant colours, white is the perfect choice to make those colours pop as light warm hues can get lost in the beige fabric.


Artistic discipline: Wildlife in watercolour and mixed media
Location: Adelaide
My passion for art was sparked by: I have been drawing and painting ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. As a kid I enjoyed coming up with my own characters (usually bunnies) and creating stories for them, in my teenage years I spent all my time after school making fantasy drawings. These days inspiration comes to me from nature: we are so spoiled in Australia with our incredible flora and fauna. It’s the little things that spark joy in me when I go outside – from the honeyeaters in my front yard to the magpies strutting about in the park – birds have a special place in my heart. They have ever since I was a little one going out birding with mum. I love it when people see my art and it sparks a dialogue about our wildlife, it is so wonderful to hear from other people’s connection with their neighbourhood animals and there is often a learning moment (either for them or for me)!
I have been creating for: all my life, but ‘lost the spark’ for a few years in my twenties. The covid lockdowns were the push that I needed to get back into painting again. I started with a pair of little penguins in early 2020 and haven’t stopped since!
When I’m making art I’m usually eating: chocolate or drinking tea – often both!
I’m usually listening to: a podcast when I paint. Favourites are ‘Ologies’ with Alie Ward, ‘What the Duck’ with Dr. Ann Jones and ‘Cautionary Tales’ by Tim Harford.
My work is inspired by: animals! I just love all animals. I spent many years working as a tour guide which has taken me all across Australia. I have been lucky to have had many awe-inspiring wildlife encounters. Teaching travellers about our unique wildlife and conservation has been a very rewarding job. Sadly I now work in an office-based job but I still make time to go out bush regularly. Whenever I spend time out in nature it makes me want to grab my paint brushes and I come home full of new ideas!
My favourite Organic Print Studio product is:the tea towels. They are such lovely quality and customers always comment on how nice they look and feel. They were one of the first products I developed after only selling greeting cards for a long time, and they have been a best selling item since my first batch. I love it when people say they’re too nice to use in the kitchen – luckily they make great wall hangings too!
You can find Leonie on Instagram and Facebook and her website and online shop is You can also find a selection of her beutiful products at OmMade Meet the Maker in Rundle Place, Adelaide, and she is regularly at markets such as Gilles at the Grounds and the Stirling Market.